Our Story

We’re Sophia Betz and Matt Landfield — friends, business partners and filmmakers who have a passion for making a difference. 

We met nearly ten years ago, when we worked closely on some ambitious video projects. Producing videos across the country for Google, we found we had complementary strengths but shared the same vision, work ethic and wry humor. We’d lucked onto an amazing creative partnership. 

In 2015, we launched TimeTravlr Creative with the aim of telling stories that help make the world better. The name is a nod to the creative process and to our vision of shaping a more just and sustainable future.

From our offices in Brooklyn, NY, we work with philanthropies and non-profits, as well as businesses who want to make a positive social impact.  Whatever the client, we’re committed to understanding their world and audience — so we can craft the most moving and effective story.