Great Stories Change Lives.


Which is why we specialize in telling the story of your social good – whether you are a philanthropic organization, non-profit or global business.

Through stories, you make your impact visible.

You inspire your audience and invite them into your vision of positive change. 

At TimeTravlr Creative, we compress time and space to show the world your extraordinary work.

Because we know that the great stories we have to tell are the most powerful tools we have to make a difference. 


We Now Live in A Knowledge Economy

"Over the last few decades, foundations have increasingly prioritized transparency and communicating their work with the public. They see open communications as an essential element of building public trust and increasing their access to innovative thinking.

Many still think of foundations as a source of grants. In our Information Age, they are as much about ideas and knowledge as they are about dollars."

—Five Trends in Philanthropy, by Vicki Spruill, 12/16/16, Council on Foundations

Storytelling is A Super Power


Emotional Connection

Storytelling is the glue we use to connect with each other (we're telling you a story right now!) Our brains are hard-wired to engage with and respond to stories—the better we are at telling them, the stronger the emotional bonds between us become.


Relationship Building

Storytelling becomes a form of currency in a networked world, a critical medium of exchange. Our stories are the most powerful tools we have to inspire and draw others to us. 



Sometimes "seeing" is more powerful than "saying." Visual stories have profound power to communicate the impact our people have on the world.



Four Pillars of Storytelling in Philanthropy

Vision and Leadership

Sharing the vision of where your institution is headed, and even more importantly— why and how you do what you do— is essential in communicating your organization's thought leadership, mission and "knowledge trust."

Real World Impact

Personal stories have the power to move, inspire and touch audiences. Grantee organizations and the people they serve are at the heart of change.
Tell their stories.


Organizations develop methodologies, data in
the field, and relationships with their partners that can provide valuable insights into best practices. Unlocking and sharing that knowledge can pay dividends across an entire field.

Transformed by Giving

Donors, Trustees, Founders and Board members are often profoundly changed through their work in philanthropy. Stories of that transformation can be powerful examples to others in the field.


How Foundations Create Value*

(And Opportunities for Storytelling)

Selecting the Best Grantees


Each dollar will earn a higher social return than a dollar given by a less knowledgeable donor.

Signaling other Funders


By attracting other donors, a foundation effectively improves the return on a larger pool of philanthropic resources.

Improving the Performance of Grant Recipients

Helping a grantee to improve its own capabilities increases its overall effectiveness as anorganization and thus improves the return on all the money it spends.

Advancing the State of Knowledge and Practice

Such agenda-setting work makes every dollar spent in the field—by philanthropists, government,and other organizations—more productive.


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